GPHR Certification

What is the Profile of a GPHR Certification Exam Candidate?

An honest assessment of skills, knowledge and responsibilities within the HR function is critical when deciding whether to seek certification as a GPHR. The following profile of a typical GPHR candidate.

GPHR Certification Exam Candidate:

  • Has cross-border HR responsibilities (more than one country).
  • Understands the strategies of globalization versus localization of HR policies and programs.
  • Establishes HR policies and initiatives that support the organization’s global growth and reputation as an employer.
  • Designs organizational structures, programs and processes to achieve worldwide business needs.
  • Develops, implements and evaluates programs, processes and tools to ensure that they align with competitive practice, the organization’s objectives and legal requirements.
  • Oversees practices that ensure favorable employment conditions balancing employer needs with employee rights and needs.
  • Has core knowledge of the organization’s international HR activities.

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