HRReview Customer Testimonials

Here’s What Our Now Certified Students Are Saying About the HRReview Study Programs:

“I sat for the SPHR exam (first time) and I am extremely happy to say that I passed!! I really appreciate your personal guidance. That was very unexpected for me and such a great help. The HRReview materials to help prepare made all the difference. The outlines/manuals kept me on track with my studies, the audio files and flash cards kept terms and laws fresh in my mind, and the final audio review was a great summary. Working through the questions in the workbooks and online practice exams, and being able to immediately see the correct answers, allowed me to understand that I really needed to pay attention to the way questions are worded. When I started out, I was pretty frustrated because I thought I knew the answers but I was wrong because I didn’t really comprehend the questions. Practice was key for me! I’m very relieved that all my hard work paid off (on the first try) and wanted to send a sincere note of thanks.”

Jennifer, SPHR

“Thanks for all your help. I really enjoyed the aPHR HR Fundamentals course and I’ve been able to use some of this knowledge already. Our organization has been approached by a union for the first time. Not only did I understand what was going on I was able to offer some insight to other employees. Thx again!”

Amanda G

“I passed my SPHR and owe it 100% to you and the way your materials are laid out. I am ADHD and would literally become so frustrated trying to read the SHRM materials that I would throw the book. Your materials extracted the data I needed to concentrate on…. Even more helpful was the practice question explanations. Invaluable to help me understand the logic behind the actual question!! THANK YOU and add me to your success stories! Thanks, ”


“I wanted to let you know that I took the GPHR on May 27th and I passed. Thanks for all your materials and lectures, they clearly worked!”

Kristin B., GPHR

“I just wanted to let you know that I took my PHR exam on Friday and PASSED on the first try! Thank you so much for the wonderful materials provided in the two courses that I took. I don’t think the exam would have been so easy without the CDs and workbooks I got from HRReview.

I’m so glad I took the time to prepare for this well enough to pass the first time and I’m so excited to finally be PHR certified. Thank you so much!”

Lorie Seay, PHR

“I took the HR Review Start Smart course in April and have been studying and utilizing the HR Review resources until my test today, June 12th. I am very pleased with the number of resources HR Review had to offer and used each and every one. I studied the outlines in the Workbook, listened to the audio CD in the car and went through the flashcards on the computer to help me understand the terms.

I listened to the recorded coaching session and utilized the on-line exams in the days prior to taking the PHR exam today and I passed! The variety of available resources made studying for this exam easier and I believe they all helped me in successfully preparing for the exam. I have already started to recommend this course to my colleagues who are aspiring to obtain the PHR certification. Thanks, HRReview!”

Faith Evangelista, PHR – ADP

“I took your Smart Start course and the Last Minute review and yesterday I took the PHR exam and passed! Thank you so much for the great prep classes. They definitely made the difference between success and failure for me! There is so much material that could be asked on the exam but somehow you know exactly what to focus on and it paid off. Thanks again.”

Diane Garvey, PHR Chicago, IL

“Wanted to say thank you to you and HRReview!!! I passed my PHR and SPHR exams in 6 months with using your resources as additional study tools.”

Rume Joy Azikiwe, MHRM, PHR, SPHR

“I took the SPHR exam today and passed. It was clear to me after the exam that your material was far more encompassing, detailed and difficult. The specificity of the questions in your study material, were more complex and more factually specific…I thought the Intermediate and Advanced questions in your study material were far more challenging than those on the test. Bottom line: your preparation was harder – the game was easy!”

John Petrusa, SPHR Director, HR Dyna Care Home Health Alsip, IL

“Using the test questions and the advice provided in your messages assisted me with passing the SPHR exam this past Monday! HRReview’s test questions really helped me to think strategically and get comfortable with the question format. The reasoning behind the answers to the questions were beyond valuable.

Thank you for assisting me with tools to prepare and pass my exam.”

Kawanna Jenkins, SPHR

“I have taken the HRReview class in preparation for both my SPHR (7 years ago) and more recently for my GPHR preparation. I passed both exams the first time, thanks to the awesome instruction, organized materials and very helpful sample questions. Thank you for preparing me for these exams and for your encouragement and support to succeed! I highly recommend this preparation to anyone taking their certification exam!”

Leanne D. SPHR, GPHR

“I took the PHR certification test on Saturday and passed! Thank you so much for your class and all of the HR Review material.

I believe the quality of your sample questions, basic, intermediate and advanced, greatly helped me to prepare for the type of questions on the test. This helped me to be more relaxed and prepared when going into the exam. Thank You!”

Marina Sabol, PHR

“I couldn’t help smiling while taking the exam, your prep questions were the perfect preparation. There were no surprises… it was all covered in your book. Your class was great. It kept the material interesting and was all so “right on” for the material covered on the exam. Thanks for your help!”

Erin Colon, PHR – ADP

“I know your study materials helped identify those weaknesses with direction to study more. It really made a difference!”

Barb Willever, PHR

“I LOVED the format of the questions, with the topics for review… it made it easy to go directly to that section, but also…. I LOVED the format of your answer key which took out a lot of research by having the detailed answers for each choice right underneath the question. Thanks!”

Gary Cunningham, SPHR

“I took my SPHR test last weekend and passed! Thank you so much for all of your help. I’m sure the HRReview questions helped.”

Lisa B., SPHR, Director of Human Resources at La Fonda on the Plaza

“Even with an MSHR degree and 7+ years of working in HR, I’m not sure I’d have passed the SPHR certification exam without taking the HR Review exam preparation class. The class is perfect for busy, working professionals. For each of the six weeks, you focus on one of the six sections of the exam. That and the practice exams really helped me concentrate my efforts. I felt confident that I would pass the SPHR exam and I did, the very first time.”

Jorene Richards, SPHR, Manager of Training and Development at Loyola University

“I took my PHR back in May 2008 and failed by 30 points, but I was determined to try again. Today I sat for my PHR exam and PASSED! You would not believe the excitement I felt when I saw PASS on that screen. started to cry as I felt so blessed and shocked at the same time. I remembered there were other people in the room so I just contained my emotion.

The test was difficult and wasn’t exactly what I expected, but nonetheless, I made it through successfully. After 15 years of experience, I feel truly proud to finally say I am PHR Certified. For me, this was more of the personal, internal satisfaction that I needed. I now have a newfound confidence and I am going to push myself further than ever before.

Thank you so much for all of your helpful emails, blog posts, and study tips! I will be sharing HRReview with all of my colleagues!”

Madeline Hernandez, PHR

“I reviewed the WORKBOOK thoroughly at the SHRM Conference and purchased it to prepare for the exam. I’m so thrilled that I made the decision to do this as I felt the HRReview program made taking the certification exam easy! I don’t think I would have passed without the help of your materials and coaching. Thank you, HR Review.”

Kenny Cook, SPHR, Aiken, SC

“I wanted to let you know that I passed the SPHR exam, and relied heavily upon the HRReview Workbook as an aid to studying. It was a tough exam, but having been through the Workbook several times helped me tremendously. I appreciated the format that allowed me to either do the practice questions as an exam, or refer to the answer section and use it as a review tool.”

Pamela B., SPHR, CEBS Southwest, FL

“I passed the test today! And, although I used several sources, your system was best for me. It gave the correct answer and pointed out why the others were not “best” (as your ad pointed out), and thus, I was able to conceptualize and rationalize the questions during my test. The questions were top of the line and mimicked the actual exam questions. I actually refused to attempt the 4/5 rule, but you kept presenting it, so I had no choice but to heed your warning and learn the formula. Needless to say, it came on my test, and I was able to ace it. This is an example of truth in marketing. So thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Nadine Seiler, SPHR

Before enrolling myself with HRReview I had appeared for the  PHR exam twice and I failed both times. I finally found the right platform before
my 3rd attempt which was HRReview and I finally passed. Their online classes with excellent personal guidance was really helpful. Their
material helped me to vividly conceptualize all HR practices. All the detailed answers in each question really helped me to understand my
mistake while answering which helped me to analyze well in the actual exam. They have a huge collection of  questions to practice. You are the
best with the best material and the best tutors. Thank you so much.

Ria Mukherjee, PHR/SHRM-CP

If you are ready to advance your career, an HRReview program is your affordable answer to successfully passing HRCI and SHRM exams.