How to Nail Your Upcoming HR Certification Exam


By now a few of you out there have already taken your HR Certification Exam and we've already been getting many excited reports of newly certified HR Professionals. Congratulations to those folks. But for the rest of you out there who have yet to take your exam, this article will provide you with a bit of advice that many people often forget when it gets down to crunch time. Being an advocate of academia and higher education I know how stressful studying for a big exam can be, and I've also gone through my share of all-nighters. I even did pretty well on most of my exams, but looking back on things now, I always found that the ones I overprepared for were the ones on which I normally performed the worst. How Stress Can Impact Your Memory Past studies have shown, and even more so recently, that stress has a significant effect on the hippocampus region of the brain, which … [Read more...]