Easy Steps To Get HR Certified!

Why should you get certified? Watch the Video! Certification is a way to demonstrate your HR knowledge through credentials. Go on to bigger and better things, get promotions, make more money, and demonstrate your proficiency. Certification is a great way to reward yourself with what you know! There are three different certification classifications: -PHR: Professional in Human Resources -SPHR: Senior Professional in Human Resources -GPHR: Global Professional in Human Resources Steps To HR Certified Step 1: Make sure you go to HRCI.org and register to take the exam. Choose between PHR, SPHR and GPHR exam in December or May. Step 2: Use HRReview as your partner. Visit HRReview to get prepared for the exam. Self study programs or online class with one of the authors to help you hand in hand through your study programs. Why choose HRReview? HRReview specializes in … [Read more...]

Get Successful PHR/SPHR/GPHR Test Taking Tips!


HRReview wants YOU to pass the PHR/SPHR/GPHR exam. And we want to give you all the tools to be able to do just that. In this article, I’ve compiled a list of the most successful test taking tips. I know how stressful studying for a big exam can be; I’ve taken these exams. Now, I’m giving you the tips that helped me and many other professionals pass the exams. Continue reading for our Successful Test Taking Tips, but click HERE if you are quickly approaching exam day and watch our video on “Three Key Strategies To Get Your Brain in The Game On Test Day.” Without further ado, here are our Successful Test Taking Tips: BUDGET your study time; make sure you have plenty of time to study so you are well prepared for the exam.  Create a “study calendar” and plan backward several weeks to begin your study schedule. Be diligent! REVIEW the outlines, and HRReview WORKBOOK exams – … [Read more...]

Viva Las Vegas! HR Review Takes the High Road


We just got back from the SHRM National Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. Yes, Las Vegas. For those of you who took time away from the slot machines to visit our booth, we want to say THANK YOU! We had a great time! Although the motto is “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” we want to share with you some secrets we brought back from our trip. We showed the casino-goers who stopped by our booth just how important it is to have credibility in the HR world. Building your credibility is important because it will help you move higher up in the business world and make more money. Who doesn’t want that, right? Here are our three tips to help you build credibility: Be consistent. It is always better to show, not tell. Show you company that you work hard by consistently improving and succeeding. Set high standards for yourself in your business and never let them get out of … [Read more...]

SHRM Conference – a great gift for human resources pro’s


Dear HR Friends, This year, as every year we'll be exhibiting at the SHRM National Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada from Sunday, June 26- Tuesday June 28. Cool, right? As a special gift to you, we're giving away FREE EXHIBIT HALL PASSES! Yes, that's right, FREE! These are an incredible opportunity if you're taking a spouse or guest to the event, or if you just want to find yourself in Las Vegas and want to check out what's happening at the conference. Plus, HR Review is going to show you the latest and greatest HR Certification Programs! We've got something for everyone - PHR takers, SPHR takers and even GPHR programs! So click here to gain access - we only have a limited number of passes! So be sure to get them fast! And come visit us at BOOTH NUMBER 1424! So if you can't use this, then please forward to a friend! We hope to see you and please stop by and see us! And of course - … [Read more...]

HR Review Announces Dates for Chicago HR Certification Study Classes


The phones at HR Review are ringing off the hook about when HR Review will be holding it's HR Certification courses in Chicago this spring. We love getting your calls, but we also know you'd probably rather read it on our website, so here you go. HR Review will be hosting three separate live classes in Chicago this year, starting in April. Coming up this spring, we'll be hosting: The famous Start Smart Course - Spring 2011, which is a full-fledged HR Certification Exam study course taught over the course of several weeks meant for those taking the PHR and SPHR certification exams. This course will ensure the student has a great start with their HR Certification Exam studying, and will uncover any holes they may have in their knowledge as test time approaches. The Last Minute Course - Spring 2011, which is a three day intensive course geared towards those who are taking the … [Read more...]

How to Prepare for Your PHR or SPHR Exam


Another HR Certification Exam season has passed and the world now has many newly Certified HR Professionals. Congratulations to everyone out there who has received your HR Certification, PHRs, SPHRs, and GPHRs alike. This is a great achievement and you should be very proud. To those of you who were unsuccessful with receiving your certifications or have not yet taken the PHR or SPHR exam, you have some studying to do, and now is the time to start for those who will be successful in receiving their HR Certifications this Spring. So how should you prepare for your upcoming exam? Start Studying Early – Around 45% of those who take the PHR or SPHR exam each year fail to achieve passing scores. Not surprisingly, one of the biggest culprits of this is because people simply don’t prepare far enough in advance. Many think because they have experience in the field that they don’t … [Read more...]

Presidential Legislation Approval – Was Your Answer Correct?

Welcome back to the HR Review HR Certification Practice Exam Blog.  Thanks for all of the comments and participation. We've got more names each week in our prize drawing pool. Remember to answer the questions if you want your name to be entered. Yesterday we asked: If the President receives a bill from the House of Representatives and the Senate for his approval and does nothing with it: a.) It automatically becomes a law b.) The legislation dies c.) Depends on whether the House and Senate are in session d.) It is a "pocket veto" And the answer is: C Here is the explanation: The President either signs the bill into law, or if opposed, vetoes it. If no action is taken for ten days (remember that) while Congress is in session, it will automatically become law. If Congress has adjourned its second session and the President takes no action, it is a "pocket veto" and the … [Read more...]

The Law Making Process – And The Answer Is…?


First we want to say thanks to everyone who participated in the comments.  The more you participate, the better you will learn. We are happy to see so many people who are passionate about HR and who are serious about passing their exams. Earlier in the week we asked: Please choose the correct answer. The steps involved with passing new laws begin with: a. Placing a bill on a committee agenda b. Referring the bill to a subcommittee c. Examining the bill for its likelihood of passing d. Debating the merits of the bill on the House or Senate floor If you chose A. Placing a bill on a committee agenda, then you are correct.  The following explanation describes the law making process.  Please be sure to read the explanations and commit them to memory. They may help you with other questions on the exam. Persons outside of Congress may draft a bill, but only members of … [Read more...]

Secrets for “Crunch Time” in preparing to pass the PHR or SPHR

Time is ticking away, and only a few weeks to take your PHR or SPHR exam.  Some people are studying like crazy (which they should be) and others are stressed out knowing the test date is looming.  What's the best way to get ready, knowing your deadline is near? Here's a few quick tips to help you keep on track: 1.  Remember, the exam is only multiple choice - no written answers.   Work on focusing how to answer a 4 choice question.  Eliminate the two wrong answers, and identify the others that may be possible.  This will help you gain confidence and focus in answering questions. 2. Don't forget to review terminology.  If you've been in HR a long time or not, the exam will have some terminology that is and is not familiar. Be sure to have some means to review terms currently in use either by means of a manual or study materials. 3.  Review the HRCI body of knowledge.  This is … [Read more...]

Online PHR and SPHR Practice Exams – 5 Tips to Improve Your Chances

You're studying like crazy because the exam window is open! Yes, many of you have registered to take the PHR or SPHR, and most likely will wait until January to take it.  But before you go to your exam site, be sure to do the following: 1.  Take online practice tests to help you with multiple choice tests.  You can take the HRReview online practice test by clicking on the link or on the picture above.  If you haven't taken a college entrance exam lately, it would be a good idea to regain the knack of how to select from 4 choices, oftentimes when more that one answer can be correct. 2.  Be prepared exam day with a valid drivers license, taking minimal items to the test site.  Just last year, I had a student show up to take the PHR, only to find her drivers license had expired.  Needless to say, she had to get an updated license prior to be admitted to the test site.  A delay you may … [Read more...]