How to Prepare for Your PHR or SPHR Exam


Another HR Certification Exam season has passed and the world now has many newly Certified HR Professionals. Congratulations to everyone out there who has received your HR Certification, PHRs, SPHRs, and GPHRs alike. This is a great achievement and you should be very proud. To those of you who were unsuccessful with receiving your certifications or have not yet taken the PHR or SPHR exam, you have some studying to do, and now is the time to start for those who will be successful in receiving their HR Certifications this Spring. So how should you prepare for your upcoming exam? Start Studying Early – Around 45% of those who take the PHR or SPHR exam each year fail to achieve passing scores. Not surprisingly, one of the biggest culprits of this is because people simply don’t prepare far enough in advance. Many think because they have experience in the field that they don’t … [Read more...]

The Law Making Process – And The Answer Is…?


First we want to say thanks to everyone who participated in the comments.  The more you participate, the better you will learn. We are happy to see so many people who are passionate about HR and who are serious about passing their exams. Earlier in the week we asked: Please choose the correct answer. The steps involved with passing new laws begin with: a. Placing a bill on a committee agenda b. Referring the bill to a subcommittee c. Examining the bill for its likelihood of passing d. Debating the merits of the bill on the House or Senate floor If you chose A. Placing a bill on a committee agenda, then you are correct.  The following explanation describes the law making process.  Please be sure to read the explanations and commit them to memory. They may help you with other questions on the exam. Persons outside of Congress may draft a bill, but only members of … [Read more...]

Getting Your HR Certification – Four Steps to Choosing Your Training

It's no secret that workplaces have been pretty hectic the past couple of years.  Many employers have been forced to "cut the fat" out of their organizations and only keep their most valuable employees.  Unfortunately this has meant the dreaded axe for a lot of would be HR Professionals. If you were one of the unlucky you obviously want to avoid this in the future, and you obviously want to get back into the workplace as quickly as possible.  If you have been lucky enough to stick around, well, the dust isn't clear just yet so do everything you can to improve yourself. As an aspiring HR Professional, there is one very obvious choice to increasing your credibility substantially beyond a college education. It might sound biased coming from the blog of an HR Certification training organization, but that's ok. We believe in our mission 100% and we want our readers to succeed. We … [Read more...]

PHR / SPHR Pass Fail Rates – Free PHR or SPHR Practice Exam


PHR and SPHR Pass/Fail Rates: Each year thousands of potential Certified HR Professionals sit for their PHR certification exams. Unfortunately in 2009, according to the Human Resources Certification Institute, 41% of them failed to make the cut. Compare this to the 48% who fail to make the cut on the SPHR exam. That's a pretty big chunk for both.  Nearly half of all individuals who take these exams fail. Why? Because they wait too long to prepare or they don't adequately challenge themselves prior to the exam. A PHR or SPHR Certification designates you as a professional by definition, gives you immediate and unmatched credibility, and puts you an in exclusive bunch of individuals. There are many benefits to becoming a Certified HR Professional, and for that reason the exams are designed to be difficult. Proper preparation is necessary if you are serious about passing. To … [Read more...]