Human Resource Branding | Was Your Answer Correct?


Great job on this one everyone. We had a lot of feedback and quite a few pageviews on the human resource branding question that we posted this week.  If you missed that post you may want to read it. We gave a valuable bit of advice on top of asking the question.  You can find it here. Human Resource Branding Practice Question Earlier this week we asked of you: Human Resource Branding is MOST used for which of the following? A.) Demonstrating "best practices" in the organization. B.) Recruiting high caliber candidates to the organization. C.) Creating a culture inside the organization. D.) Being more involved in marketing. The correct answer is: B - Recruiting high caliber candidates to the organization.  Here is the explanation.  Make sure to read and fully understand why this is the correct answer so you can commit it to memory. Human Resource branding is a … [Read more...]

Getting Your HR Certification – Four Steps to Choosing Your Training

It's no secret that workplaces have been pretty hectic the past couple of years.  Many employers have been forced to "cut the fat" out of their organizations and only keep their most valuable employees.  Unfortunately this has meant the dreaded axe for a lot of would be HR Professionals. If you were one of the unlucky you obviously want to avoid this in the future, and you obviously want to get back into the workplace as quickly as possible.  If you have been lucky enough to stick around, well, the dust isn't clear just yet so do everything you can to improve yourself. As an aspiring HR Professional, there is one very obvious choice to increasing your credibility substantially beyond a college education. It might sound biased coming from the blog of an HR Certification training organization, but that's ok. We believe in our mission 100% and we want our readers to succeed. We … [Read more...]