HR Certification Exam Preparation Course|Start Smart PHR/SPHR Course

HR Certification Exam Preparation Course
Start Smart PHR/SPHR Course

The Start Smart HR Certification Preparation Course is offered through HR Chapters, Universities and Study Groups throughout the country. The “Start Smart” course covers, in detail, each of the six functional areas of the HRCI Body of Knowledge. At the end of the course, you will be able to identify your strongest HR functional areas and know where you need to concentrate your efforts. This is an excellent course for those interested in preparing for the PHR or SPHR exam.

The Start Smart Course is typically scheduled as a once a week course, offered in three hour increments for a period of 6 weeks. Some organizations also structure the course as an intensive 3 day course as well. HRReview offers full facilitator materials, instructions, participant workbooks and supplements to provide HR Chapters, Universities and Groups excellent courses that boost PHR and SPHR pass rates.

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