Dramatically Increase Your Chances of Passing the PHR or SPHR Exam with the HRReview Exam Workbook

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More than likely if you’ve arrived at this page you’ve got an upcoming PHR or SPHR exam, or you’re at least considering it. We know first hand that these exams can be very intimidating and even down right scary, especially for first timers, but don’t worry because HRReview is on your side.

Now you might be wondering before reading any further.. Why should you listen to HRReview? Fair question. And here’s the answer. The creators of the HRReview workbook:

  • Are SPHR and GPHR certified (just over 600 individuals in the world hold both of these certifications)
  • Study exam format each year to ensure material is updated
  • Research government websites to keep material current
  • Teach several preparation classes each year of which success rates are phenomenal
  • Are highly active in the HR community and profession
Each year thousands of candidates take the PHR and SPHR exams, and not everyone passes. In fact, over the last few years, pass rates have fallen significantly.  In 2009, a shocking 42% of candidates failed to pass the PHR Exam, and 48% failed to pass the SPHR Exam.  That’s roughly a 50% pass rate for each exam.
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Unfortunately, the exams are only offered once every six months, which means not only will you have to wait 6 months to take the exam again, but you’ll also have to do all of that studying again, on top of paying the fees associated with a re-take. Make sure you pass the first time! Obviously, the best way to ensure this is to prepare thoroughly, by challenging yourself with sample questions, practice scenarios, flash cards, and any type of review material you can find.
The HRReview Workbook is packed full of the exact kind of content you will need to pass the exam the first time around including:
 Only $399.00
(compare to over $600 elsewhere)
  • Over 900 pages of content
  • Multiple choice questions
  • Complete study outlines that are customizable if you so choose
  • Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced sections to develop your knowledge organically and systematically
  • Scenarios that challenge your thinking and knowledge
  • Bonus audioreview flash cards

Check out what some of our customers have to say:

“I couldn’t help smiling while taking the exam, your prep questions were the perfect preparation. There were no surprises… it was all covered in your book. Your class was great. It kept the material interesting and was all so “right on” for the material covered on the exam. Thanks for your help!”  Erin Colon, PHR 2010 – ADP

“I know your study materials helped identify those weaknesses with direction to study more. It really made a difference!”  – Barb Willever, PHR

“I took the HR Review Start Smart course in April and have been studying and utilizing the HR Review resources until my test today, June 12th. I am very pleased with the number of resources HR Review had to offer and used each and every one. I studied the outlines in the Workbook, listened to the audio CD in the car and went through the flashcards on the computer to help me understand the terms. I listened to the recorded coaching session and utilized the online exams in the days prior to taking the PHR exam today and I passed! The variety of available resources made studying for this exam easier and I believe they all helped me in successfully preparing for the exam. I have already started to recommend this course to my colleagues who are aspiring to obtain the PHR certification. Thanks HRReview!”  –Faith Evangelista, PHR – ADP

My name is Jennifer and I attended the prep course at Robert Morris a week or so ago.  I am pleased to tell you that I took the PHR exam on 5/4/10 and passed!  I enjoyed the class and would highly recommend your program to other potential exam takers. – Jennifer Cullen, PHR

“I reviewed the WORKBOOK thoroughly at the SHRM Conference and purchased it to prepare for the exam. I’m so thrilled that I made the decision to do this as I felt the HRReview program made taking the certification exam easy! I don’t think I would have passed without the help of your materials and coaching.   Thank you, HRReview.”   – Kenny Cook, SPHR, Aiken, SC


Not Ready to Order Just Yet? – Try Our Short Online Demo Practice Exams:

Most people that see this page pick up a copy of the HRReview Workbook, however if you’re not ready just yet, we’ve put together some short demo practice exams for you. They won’t replace practice material nor will they adequately prepare you for the exams, but you’ll at least get a taste of what we can offer you. Click the link below which applies to you and you can sample some of our online questions. We’ll also send you some other great information about how to increase your chances of passing.

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