PHR Certification Exam Preparation and Study Materials

What is the Profile of a PHR Certification Exam Candidate?

Should You Take the PHR Certification Exam?

An honest assessment of skills, knowledge and responsibilities within the HR function is critical when deciding whether to seek certification as a PHR, SPHR or GPHR.

The following profile of a typical PHR candidate may help you determine which exam is appropriate for you. Because of the nature of the exams and their common body of knowledge, the PHR and SPHR designations cannot be held concurrently.

However, you may hold either a PHR or SPHR certification in conjunction with a GPHR designation.

PHR Certification Exam Candidate:

  • Focuses on program implementation.
  • Has tactical/logistical orientation.
  • Has accountability to another HR
  • professional within the organization.
  • Has two to four years of exempt-level generalist HR work experience, but because of career length may lack the breadth and depth of a more senior-level generalist.
  • Has not had progressive HR work
  • experience by virtue of career length.
  • Focuses his or her impact on the organization within the HR department rather than organization wide.
  • Commands respect through the credibility of knowledge and the use of policies and guidelines to make decisions.

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