HR Certification Exam Preparation Course| 2 1/2 Day PHR and SPHR Certification Class

Exam Preparation Course
2 1/2 Day PHR and SPHR Certification Class 
The Last Minute Course is offered through HR Chapters, Universities and Study Groups throughout the country prior to the exam as a 2½ day intensive study course to help individuals prepare for the PHR or SPHR exam.

This course is designed as a comprehensive exam style session, providing a difficult 225 question, four-hour exam, taken under test conditions. The remaining time is spent carefully detailing the answer to each question. Not just the correct answer, but why it`s the right answer and the additional facts and strategic thinking that makes it the right answer!

If you’re not confident that your exam preparation has met your needs, sign up for this course for your last minute boost in confidence!

Offering both the Start Smart and Last Minute courses as a special combination of classes adds comprehensive learning, exam taking skills, and provides confidence to students in their understanding of the body of knowledge, as well as exam prep skills.

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