HR Certification Basics

The HR Certification Institute offers four certifications for HR professionals:

  • PHR® (Professional in Human Resources)
  • SPHR® (Senior Professional in Human Resources)
  • GPHR® (Global Professional in Human Resources)
  • PHR-CA® and SPHR-CA® (PHR with state certification in California and SPHR with state certification in California)

HR Certification is a voluntary action by a professional group to establish a system to grant recognition to professionals who have met a stated level of training and work experience. Certified individuals are usually issued a certificate attesting that they have met the standards of the credentialing organization and are entitled to make the public aware of their credentialed status, usually through the use of initials (i.e., PHR or SPHR) after their names.

Certifications differ from certificate programs because certifications include an experience component. It is wise to first register at the Human Resource Certification Institute’s website and meet eligibility requirements prior to beginning any study program.

Once registered to take a certification exam, you’ll need exceptional materials to prepare for this rigorous exam you choose.  Visit the HRReview Products Page to purchase our self study programs, or contact us for information about public courses!