Presidential Legislation Approval – Was Your Answer Correct?

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Yesterday we asked:

If the President receives a bill from the House of Representatives and the Senate for his approval and does nothing with it:

a.) It automatically becomes a law
b.) The legislation dies
c.) Depends on whether the House and Senate are in session
d.) It is a “pocket veto”

And the answer is: C

Here is the explanation:

The President either signs the bill into law, or if opposed, vetoes it. If no action is taken for ten days (remember that) while Congress is in session, it will automatically become law. If Congress has adjourned its second session and the President takes no action, it is a “pocket veto” and the legislation dies, although it may be reintroduced in the next session.

Hopefully you got the right answer. This question is an example of how closely you must read each question. Note that this question pertains to a specific situation which is dependent on the House or Senate being in session.

How are you doing so far? If we can help clarify be sure to ask questions in the comments section. Until next time!

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