PHR / SPHR Pass Fail Rates – Free PHR or SPHR Practice Exam

PHR and SPHR Pass/Fail Rates:

Each year thousands of potential Certified HR Professionals sit for their PHR certification exams. Unfortunately in 2009, according to the Human Resources Certification Institute, 41% of them failed to make the cut.

Compare this to the 48% who fail to make the cut on the SPHR exam. That’s a pretty big chunk for both.  Nearly half of all individuals who take these exams fail. Why? Because they wait too long to prepare or they don’t adequately challenge themselves prior to the exam.

A PHR or SPHR Certification designates you as a professional by definition, gives you immediate and unmatched credibility, and puts you an in exclusive bunch of individuals. There are many benefits to becoming a Certified HR Professional, and for that reason the exams are designed to be difficult. Proper preparation is necessary if you are serious about passing.

To illustrate, pass rates have declined each year since 2001 going from nearly 70% to 58% in 2009 for the PHR, and nearly 60% down to 52% for the SPHR.

Fortunately, if you’re reading this article you’re in the right place to drastically increase your chances of success.  You can avoid being in this group by preparing thoroughly with our interactive online tests and our study guide and workbook. Our chapter members have cited up to 90% success rates on their certification exams.

If you can’t get to a PHR or SPHR prep class we have materials that we have developed and revised over the years that will help you prepare for your exam.

We have a couple of free online resources for you as well if you’re not ready to start your studying just yet. You can take free a PHR practice exam here, or a free SPHR practice exam here.  Sign up for either of those and we’ll send you some more test taking tips with our email follow-up series.

Staring soon, we’ll be posting practice questions, study tips, and much much more on this blog to help you prepare for your PHR or SPHR exam.  Be on the lookout!

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