How to Prepare for Your PHR or SPHR Exam


Another HR Certification Exam season has passed and the world now has many newly Certified HR Professionals. Congratulations to everyone out there who has received your HR Certification, PHRs, SPHRs, and GPHRs alike. This is a great achievement and you should be very proud. To those of you who were unsuccessful with receiving your certifications or have not yet taken the PHR or SPHR exam, you have some studying to do, and now is the time to start for those who will be successful in receiving their HR Certifications this Spring. So how should you prepare for your upcoming exam? Start Studying Early – Around 45% of those who take the PHR or SPHR exam each year fail to achieve passing scores. Not surprisingly, one of the biggest culprits of this is because people simply don’t prepare far enough in advance. Many think because they have experience in the field that they don’t … [Read more...]

Secrets for “Crunch Time” in preparing to pass the PHR or SPHR

Time is ticking away, and only a few weeks to take your PHR or SPHR exam.  Some people are studying like crazy (which they should be) and others are stressed out knowing the test date is looming.  What's the best way to get ready, knowing your deadline is near? Here's a few quick tips to help you keep on track: 1.  Remember, the exam is only multiple choice - no written answers.   Work on focusing how to answer a 4 choice question.  Eliminate the two wrong answers, and identify the others that may be possible.  This will help you gain confidence and focus in answering questions. 2. Don't forget to review terminology.  If you've been in HR a long time or not, the exam will have some terminology that is and is not familiar. Be sure to have some means to review terms currently in use either by means of a manual or study materials. 3.  Review the HRCI body of knowledge.  This is … [Read more...]

Online PHR and SPHR Practice Exams – 5 Tips to Improve Your Chances

You're studying like crazy because the exam window is open! Yes, many of you have registered to take the PHR or SPHR, and most likely will wait until January to take it.  But before you go to your exam site, be sure to do the following: 1.  Take online practice tests to help you with multiple choice tests.  You can take the HRReview online practice test by clicking on the link or on the picture above.  If you haven't taken a college entrance exam lately, it would be a good idea to regain the knack of how to select from 4 choices, oftentimes when more that one answer can be correct. 2.  Be prepared exam day with a valid drivers license, taking minimal items to the test site.  Just last year, I had a student show up to take the PHR, only to find her drivers license had expired.  Needless to say, she had to get an updated license prior to be admitted to the test site.  A delay you may … [Read more...]

Bye, bye, PHR! But Wait…Here’s Three Steps to Success!

Okay, it's Thanksgiving, and we're all thinking about those things we're thankful for, including our own ability to pass the PHR exam! While you may have had too much stuffing, your exam is really only a few short weeks away. So what's that mean on your 4 day weekend? Get hustlin', honey! If you're not taking practice exams several times a week - and yes, focusing on the body of knowledge at that - you'll be singing the blues come test day. Here's three easy steps to help you get your mojo on for test day: 1.  Research shows that adults taking multiple choice exams need to study not only the content for the exam, but how to master multiple choice exams.  Take many - go to various websites where free exams exist (including and work your brain. 2.  Don't give up.  Be sure to cover all the areas of the body of knowledge.  Know where you have strengths and know … [Read more...]