Human Resource Branding | Was Your Answer Correct?

Great job on this one everyone. We had a lot of feedback and quite a few pageviews on the human resource branding question that we posted this week.  If you missed that post you may want to read it. We gave a valuable bit of advice on top of asking the question.  You can find it here.

Human Resource Branding Practice Question

Earlier this week we asked of you:

Human Resource Branding is MOST used for which of the following?

A.) Demonstrating “best practices” in the organization.
B.) Recruiting high caliber candidates to the organization.
C.) Creating a culture inside the organization.
D.) Being more involved in marketing.

The correct answer is: B – Recruiting high caliber candidates to the organization.  Here is the explanation.  Make sure to read and fully understand why this is the correct answer so you can commit it to memory.

Human Resource branding is a technique that many HR departments are using to attract new talent to the organization. Branding has long been used by marketing departments for product differentiation from the competition. Now, HR branding is used in a similar fashion to attract new talent by branding an organization to differentiate it from competing employers.

Just as a reminder to everyone out there who is preparing or thinking about an HR Certification Exam, it is now a week into September. Make sure you are registered with the HRCI for your exam and make sure you secure your study materials soon. Those tests have a way of sneaking up on you.

Great work this week everyone. Until next week!

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