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Alright. For the last couple of weeks we’ve been talking about the law making process.  If you missed those two posts you can go back and see them by clicking on the main HR Review Blog Homepage.

Today we’re going to switch gears a little bit and talk about Human Resource Branding. This is an interesting technique which has many uses, but before we post the question we’d like to say one thing.

We’ve gotten a lot of answers to our past couple of posts, however not all of them have been correct. Make sure to check back each week when we post the answer to see if yours was correct.

Even if you didn’t post in the comments we want to make sure you are challenging yourself to answer each question and explaining it to yourself each time, especially as test time draws closer.  Now is the time to start studying if you haven’t already.

Here is today’s question about Human Resource Branding:

Human Resource Branding is MOST used for which of the following?:

A.) Demonstrating “best practices” in the organization.
B.) Recruiting high caliber candidates to the organization.
C.) Creating a culture inside the organization.
D.) Being more involved in marketing.

Remember to think about the question thoroughly before you choose your answer.  Make sure you can explain your choice and have a good understanding of WHY your answer is correct. We’ll post the correct answer later this week.  Be on the lookout.

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