HR Review Announces Dates for Chicago HR Certification Study Classes

The phones at HR Review are ringing off the hook about when HR Review will be holding it’s HR Certification courses in Chicago this spring. We love getting your calls, but we also know you’d probably rather read it on our website, so here you go.

HR Review will be hosting three separate live classes in Chicago this year, starting in April.

Coming up this spring, we’ll be hosting:

  • The famous Start Smart Course – Spring 2011, which is a full-fledged HR Certification Exam study course taught over the course of several weeks meant for those taking the PHR and SPHR certification exams. This course will ensure the student has a great start with their HR Certification Exam studying, and will uncover any holes they may have in their knowledge as test time approaches.
  • The Last Minute Course – Spring 2011, which is a three day intensive course geared towards those who are taking the PHR or SPHR exam and desire additional study time in the few weeks before their exam period. This course will quickly hammer home the concepts needed to pass the PHR or SPHR exam and will alert the student of weak areas on which to focus just before the exam.
  • The GPHR Go Global Course – Spring 2011, which is a new course for 2011, teaches material that will be tested on the GPHR Certification Exam, which is growing rapidly in popularity.

Each course will be taught by a Certified HR Professional who has sat for the exact exam you will be preparing for.

We’ll have more coming your way in the next couple of weeks. We hope to see you there! Click any of the links below for additional information.

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