HR Certification Exam

Easy Steps To Get HR Certified!

Why should you get certified? Watch the Video! Certification is a way to demonstrate your HR knowledge through credentials. Go on to bigger and better things, get promotions, make more money, and demonstrate your proficiency. Certification is a great way to reward yourself with what you know! There are three different certification classifications: -PHR: Professional in Human Resources -SPHR: Senior Professional in Human Resources -GPHR: Global Professional in Human Resources Steps To HR Certified Step 1: Make sure you go to and register to take the exam. Choose between PHR, SPHR and GPHR exam in December or May. Step 2: Use HRReview as your partner. Visit HRReview to get prepared for the exam. Self study programs or online class with one of the authors to help you hand in hand through your study programs. Why choose HRReview? HRReview specializes in … [Read more...]

HRCI Updates To The 2012 HR Certification Exams


We’ve all heard the buzz about the updates made to the HR Certification exams. But you may not be clear on what exactly is changing. That’s why we’re here! HRReview wants to make it as easy as possible to prepare you for your HR certification exam. So we’ve summed up everything that will be different on this year’s exams. HRCI Updates to the 2012 HR Certification Exams Body of Knowledge: The Body of Knowledge is updated every five years to reflect the changes in the field. The basic structure of six functional areas for both the PHR and SPHR Bodies of Knowledge has remained. Changes that will be incorporated include changing Functional Area 01 from Strategic Management to Business Management & Strategy and changing Functional Area 04 from Total Rewards to Compensation & Benefits. “In addition to changing the names of two of the exams’ functional areas, we have added … [Read more...]

Get Successful PHR/SPHR/GPHR Test Taking Tips!


HRReview wants YOU to pass the PHR/SPHR/GPHR exam. And we want to give you all the tools to be able to do just that. In this article, I’ve compiled a list of the most successful test taking tips. I know how stressful studying for a big exam can be; I’ve taken these exams. Now, I’m giving you the tips that helped me and many other professionals pass the exams. Continue reading for our Successful Test Taking Tips, but click HERE if you are quickly approaching exam day and watch our video on “Three Key Strategies To Get Your Brain in The Game On Test Day.” Without further ado, here are our Successful Test Taking Tips: BUDGET your study time; make sure you have plenty of time to study so you are well prepared for the exam.  Create a “study calendar” and plan backward several weeks to begin your study schedule. Be diligent! REVIEW the outlines, and HRReview WORKBOOK exams – … [Read more...]

Viva Las Vegas! HR Review Takes the High Road


We just got back from the SHRM National Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. Yes, Las Vegas. For those of you who took time away from the slot machines to visit our booth, we want to say THANK YOU! We had a great time! Although the motto is “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” we want to share with you some secrets we brought back from our trip. We showed the casino-goers who stopped by our booth just how important it is to have credibility in the HR world. Building your credibility is important because it will help you move higher up in the business world and make more money. Who doesn’t want that, right? Here are our three tips to help you build credibility: Be consistent. It is always better to show, not tell. Show you company that you work hard by consistently improving and succeeding. Set high standards for yourself in your business and never let them get out of … [Read more...]

SHRM Conference – a great gift for human resources pro’s


Dear HR Friends, This year, as every year we'll be exhibiting at the SHRM National Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada from Sunday, June 26- Tuesday June 28. Cool, right? As a special gift to you, we're giving away FREE EXHIBIT HALL PASSES! Yes, that's right, FREE! These are an incredible opportunity if you're taking a spouse or guest to the event, or if you just want to find yourself in Las Vegas and want to check out what's happening at the conference. Plus, HR Review is going to show you the latest and greatest HR Certification Programs! We've got something for everyone - PHR takers, SPHR takers and even GPHR programs! So click here to gain access - we only have a limited number of passes! So be sure to get them fast! And come visit us at BOOTH NUMBER 1424! So if you can't use this, then please forward to a friend! We hope to see you and please stop by and see us! And of course - … [Read more...]

Announcing the GPHR Certification Preparation Go Global Course


It's not very often that we use our blog as a medium to announce or promote a product, BUTodds are if you clicked through to read this article, you're going to be VERY interested in what it has to say. So listen up. G-P-H-R Those four letters mean Global Professional in Human Resources. Those four letters mean that your Human Resources expertise is not only instantly recognizable in a small area of the world, but throughout the entire developed globe. Unfortunately, there are very few quality study resources out there when it comes to GPHR Certification Preparation. This is one of the reasons that are just barely over 1,000 people in the entire world who hold a GPHR certification. It's the goal of HR Review to significantly increase that number. That's why we are excited to announce that we are releasing our "Go Global" GPHR Certification Preparation Course to the … [Read more...]

How to Be the Master of Your HR Certification Exam Day


We already talked about avoiding stress while you're studying for your HR Certification exam,and especially on exam day, but to add to that, we'd like to give you a few more exam taking tips to help you perform at your best on your HR Certification Exam. By now you've studied enough, and you probably don't want to see another practice question in your life, so these are tips to help your prepare your body and your mind for the trials it is about to undergo when you take your exam. Your physiological state can mean the difference between success and failure, so take these tips very seriously. Whether you're taking the PHR, SPHR, or GPHR, these tips will help you to perform at your best. Don't Forget to Sleep - Unless you practice being superhuman, cognitive abilities start to diminish when the body gets less than 7 hours of sleep per night on average. This means your ability to … [Read more...]

How to Nail Your Upcoming HR Certification Exam


By now a few of you out there have already taken your HR Certification Exam and we've already been getting many excited reports of newly certified HR Professionals. Congratulations to those folks. But for the rest of you out there who have yet to take your exam, this article will provide you with a bit of advice that many people often forget when it gets down to crunch time. Being an advocate of academia and higher education I know how stressful studying for a big exam can be, and I've also gone through my share of all-nighters. I even did pretty well on most of my exams, but looking back on things now, I always found that the ones I overprepared for were the ones on which I normally performed the worst. How Stress Can Impact Your Memory Past studies have shown, and even more so recently, that stress has a significant effect on the hippocampus region of the brain, which … [Read more...]

Getting Your HR Certification – Four Steps to Choosing Your Training

It's no secret that workplaces have been pretty hectic the past couple of years.  Many employers have been forced to "cut the fat" out of their organizations and only keep their most valuable employees.  Unfortunately this has meant the dreaded axe for a lot of would be HR Professionals. If you were one of the unlucky you obviously want to avoid this in the future, and you obviously want to get back into the workplace as quickly as possible.  If you have been lucky enough to stick around, well, the dust isn't clear just yet so do everything you can to improve yourself. As an aspiring HR Professional, there is one very obvious choice to increasing your credibility substantially beyond a college education. It might sound biased coming from the blog of an HR Certification training organization, but that's ok. We believe in our mission 100% and we want our readers to succeed. We … [Read more...]

Secrets for “Crunch Time” in preparing to pass the PHR or SPHR

Time is ticking away, and only a few weeks to take your PHR or SPHR exam.  Some people are studying like crazy (which they should be) and others are stressed out knowing the test date is looming.  What's the best way to get ready, knowing your deadline is near? Here's a few quick tips to help you keep on track: 1.  Remember, the exam is only multiple choice - no written answers.   Work on focusing how to answer a 4 choice question.  Eliminate the two wrong answers, and identify the others that may be possible.  This will help you gain confidence and focus in answering questions. 2. Don't forget to review terminology.  If you've been in HR a long time or not, the exam will have some terminology that is and is not familiar. Be sure to have some means to review terms currently in use either by means of a manual or study materials. 3.  Review the HRCI body of knowledge.  This is … [Read more...]