Announcing the GPHR Certification Preparation Go Global Course

It’s not very often that we use our blog as a medium to announce or promote a product, BUTodds are if you clicked through to read this article, you’re going to be VERY interested in what it has to say.

So listen up.


Those four letters mean Global Professional in Human Resources.

Those four letters mean that your Human Resources expertise is not only instantly recognizable in a small area of the world, but throughout the entire developed globe.

Unfortunately, there are very few quality study resources out there when it comes to GPHR Certification Preparation.

This is one of the reasons that are just barely over 1,000 people in the entire world who hold a GPHR certification. It’s the goal of HR Review to significantly increase that number.

That’s why we are excited to announce that we are releasing our “Go Global” GPHR Certification Preparation Course to the public. Previously this course was only available by invitation.

This course is being offered starting on March 31st as a six session webinar series designed to thoroughly prepare the individual for the difficult GPHR exam.

It will be fully facilitated by one of the Co-Founder’s of HR Review who holds an SPHR Certification as well as a GPHR Certification, something that only 700 people in the world have accomplished.

Participants will finish the Go Global GPHR Certification Preparation Course with an excellent understanding of GPHR exam material as well as a great idea of where they need to focus their study efforts moving forward towards their exam.

Here is what you can expect with the Go Global course.

  • Top quality GPHR exam preparation from GPHR Certified professionals who have already taken and passed the exam
  • Six one hour GPHR exam preparation sessions delivered via webinar in order to accomodate students all over the globe
  • Recorded webinars for those who are unable to attend live sessions, as well as for those who want to re-review the materials
  • Participation in the class will include a textbook, workbook, and bonus audio review course
  • A price set at an extremely cost effective level that any HR Professional will be able to afford

The opportunity to get in on this class will only come once. You won’t want to miss this chance to become globally recognized as a GPHR Certified Human Resources Professional.

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To Your Global Success, We’ll See You on the Inside!

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