SHRM Conference – a great gift for human resources pro’s


Dear HR Friends, This year, as every year we'll be exhibiting at the SHRM National Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada from Sunday, June 26- Tuesday June 28. Cool, right? As a special gift to you, we're giving away FREE EXHIBIT HALL PASSES! Yes, that's right, FREE! These are an incredible opportunity if you're taking a spouse or guest to the event, or if you just want to find yourself in Las Vegas and want to check out what's happening at the conference. Plus, HR Review is going to show you the latest and greatest HR Certification Programs! We've got something for everyone - PHR takers, SPHR takers and even GPHR programs! So click here to gain access - we only have a limited number of passes! So be sure to get them fast! And come visit us at BOOTH NUMBER 1424! So if you can't use this, then please forward to a friend! We hope to see you and please stop by and see us! And of course - … [Read more...]

Online PHR and SPHR Practice Exams – 5 Tips to Improve Your Chances

You're studying like crazy because the exam window is open! Yes, many of you have registered to take the PHR or SPHR, and most likely will wait until January to take it.  But before you go to your exam site, be sure to do the following: 1.  Take online practice tests to help you with multiple choice tests.  You can take the HRReview online practice test by clicking on the link or on the picture above.  If you haven't taken a college entrance exam lately, it would be a good idea to regain the knack of how to select from 4 choices, oftentimes when more that one answer can be correct. 2.  Be prepared exam day with a valid drivers license, taking minimal items to the test site.  Just last year, I had a student show up to take the PHR, only to find her drivers license had expired.  Needless to say, she had to get an updated license prior to be admitted to the test site.  A delay you may … [Read more...]